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About Solutions2Marketing

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Meet Alicia,     

Founder and CMO

I've had an admiration for marketing since I was fourteen years old. Watching Judith Light as Angela on the late 80's sitcom Who's The Boss, I wanted nothing more than to be just like her - professionally that is. Angela was a sharp, well dressed, New York City Advertising Executive that appeared to have it all together.

Fast forward, just a few years later I decided to expand my knowledge in that same field and obtained a degree in Graphic Design. Shortly thereafter, I successfully landed my first marketing gig at a commercial printing and design company. Following that, I achieved my Master's in Business Administration specializing in Marketing. 

Throughout my journey, I've been fortunate enough to work for both large corporations and small to mid-size industry sectors doing exactly what I set out to do....Marketing.

Solutions2Marketing is the result of my passion for helping clients create marketing strategies that focus on solving their specific needs. Marketing is not a one-stop-shop, nor is it a one size fits all gimmick. Marketing is a well thought out, finely executed strategic process used to help businesses discover their core competency and provide them with the tools needed to effectively showcase their expertise.

I am truly committed to the process and super excited to jump in and assist you with finding the right solutions for achieving your marketing goals and helping your business grow.

Let's do this!

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